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Classical Composers and Their Maladies
CaduceusUndoubtedly the most famous disability endured by any classical composer was Ludwig van Beethoven's total deafness, which he overcame through his genius and force of will. But there are many other cases where composers have persevered through grave illnesses and devastating conditions that would have stopped lesser artists. Follow Blair Sanderson as he goes on music history's medical grand rounds.

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News Roundup: 10/15/2010
Following recent co-writing sessions with Ryan Adams, Lil Wayne, and Male Bonding, Rivers Cuomo is staying in the collaborative spirit by working with Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino. "You never know where these songs are going to end up," he told Australia's Triple J radio, "but it could be on the next Weezer record." [ConsequenceOfSound.net]

Meanwhile, Consentino will make an appearance on the new Go! Team LP, Rolling Blackouts, which appears in late January and also features an appearance by Deerhoof's Satomi Matsuzaki. [Pitchfork.com]

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AllMusic Loves 1969
Led Zeppelin IIWell, it's 1969 OK, and contrary to what Iggy & the Stooges sang, it wasn't quite just another year with nothing to do. Certainly the musicians of 1969 found plenty to do, seizing the revolutionary spirit of the times by creating adventurous music that still resonates today. Miles Davis opened up jazz with In a Silent Way, Buck Owens decked out his Bakersfield twang with fuzz guitars, the Who released the groundbreaking rock opera Tommy, Sly & the Family Stone brought funk to pop, and Led Zeppelin virtually created heavy metal with a pair of LPs, while the Flying Burrito Brothers pioneered country-rock with The Gilded Palace of Sin. Even Elvis took chances again on his tremendous From Elvis in Memphis; it was just that kind of year. But while some looked forward to the future, others got back to basics, whether it was Bob Dylan going country, the Band creating a mythic America, or the Stooges and MC5 getting raw and primitive, making music that wound up every bit as timeless as the revolutionary sounds that characterized this final year of the '60s.

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